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"Vietnam's Browser, Global Standards – Choose Cốc Cốc.”

Cốc Cốc is a free web browser focused on the Vietnamese market. Developed by the Vietnamese company Cốc Cốc and based on the open-source Chromium, it supports both English and Vietnamese, offering an interface similar to Google Chrome with additional features.

Main Features

Quick Search

Cốc Cốc’s Quick Search feature allows users to access information swiftly and efficiently. By optimizing search algorithms, this feature enhances the user experience, making it one of the top reasons for choosing Cốc Cốc as a preferred browser in Vietnam.

Download Videos from YouTube

The Download Videos from YouTube function is a unique feature that sets Cốc Cốc apart. Users can easily save videos for offline viewing, a functionality that is highly sought after and contributes to Cốc Cốc’s popularity.

Automatic Vietnamese Accentuation

Cốc Cốc’s Automatic Vietnamese Accentuation support is a standout feature that simplifies Vietnamese text input. It’s a vital tool for native speakers and learners, making the browser more user-friendly and culturally aligned.

Search and Save Media Content

With the ability to Search and Save Media Content, Cốc Cốc offers users the convenience of saving media from streaming websites. This feature enhances content accessibility and is a significant draw for media enthusiasts.

Automatically Save and Resume Downloads

The Automatically Save and Resume Downloads feature in Cốc Cốc ensures that users never lose their progress when downloading files. If the browser is closed, downloads are saved and can be resumed later, saving time and reducing frustration.

Integrated English-Vietnamese Dictionary

Cốc Cốc’s Integrated English-Vietnamese Dictionary is a valuable tool for English learners in Vietnam. It supports users in both learning and using English, making it a preferred choice for educational purposes.

Ad Blocking

The Ad Blocking feature in Cốc Cốc provides a smoother web experience by eliminating unwanted advertisements. This function enhances browsing speed and user satisfaction, contributing to the browser’s growing user base.

Support for Multiple Languages

Cốc Cốc’s support for both English and Vietnamese ensures that it caters to a wide audience. This multi-language support makes it a versatile choice for both local and international users.

Free and User-Friendly

Being a Free and User-Friendly web browser, Cốc Cốc is accessible to everyone. Its intuitive design and ease of use make it a popular choice among various age groups and tech-savvy levels.

Compatibility with Various Operating Systems

Cốc Cốc’s Compatibility with Various Operating Systems like Windows, Android, and macOS ensures that it reaches a broad audience. This wide-ranging compatibility is a key factor in its success as a leading web browser in Vietnam.


Rating: 3.5/5

Côc Côc is a web browser that’s been specifically designed for the Vietnamese market, and it’s evident from the get-go that the developers have put in a lot of effort to localize the experience. From the user interface to the search algorithms, everything seems tailored for Vietnamese users. But how does it stack up against the giants like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari? Let’s find out.

Installation and Setup

The installation process is straightforward and quick. The browser is available for both Windows and macOS, and it doesn’t take up much disk space. Upon launching, you’re greeted with a clean, intuitive interface that feels familiar if you’ve used other Chromium-based browsers.


One of the standout features of Côc Côc is its built-in support for Vietnamese language search. The search algorithms are optimized to better understand the nuances of the Vietnamese language, which is a big plus for native speakers. The browser also comes with a built-in dictionary and translation tools, which can be handy for both locals and foreigners.

Côc Côc also offers a “New Tab” page that showcases local news, weather, and other relevant content. While this is a nice touch, the customization options are somewhat limited compared to other browsers.


In terms of speed and performance, Côc Côc holds its own but doesn’t outshine the competition. Web pages load reasonably fast, and the browser handles multiple tabs well. However, I did notice occasional lags and stutters, especially when running media-rich websites.


Côc Côc claims to offer robust security features, including phishing protection and secure HTTPS navigation. While these are standard features in most modern browsers, it’s good to see them included here as well.


Being a Chromium-based browser, Côc Côc supports a wide range of Chrome extensions, which is a significant advantage. However, the browser’s own extension store is relatively limited, especially when it comes to localized options.

Customer Support

The customer support is primarily in Vietnamese, which makes sense given the target audience. They offer email support and have an FAQ section, but the lack of a 24/7 chat support or a comprehensive knowledge base is a downside.


Côc Côc offers a localized browsing experience that’s tailored for Vietnamese users, complete with language support and local content. While it doesn’t bring anything groundbreaking to the table, it’s a solid choice for those who prioritize local relevance over cutting-edge features. However, if you’re looking for a browser that excels in performance and offers a wide range of features, you might want to stick with the more established names in the market.

Who should use

  1. Vietnamese Residents: For people living in Vietnam, Cốc Cốc offers localized features like weather updates, news, and a Vietnamese keyboard, making it a convenient choice.
  2. Vietnamese Expatriates: Vietnamese people living abroad might appreciate the localized features that keep them connected to news and developments back home.
  3. Businesses in Vietnam: Companies operating in Vietnam might find Cốc Cốc useful for its localized features, which could make it easier to conduct business and research.
  4. Tourists or Researchers: People planning to visit Vietnam or those researching the country might find the localized features helpful for understanding local news, weather, and other region-specific information.
  5. Users Looking for Additional Tools: The browser comes with extra features like a built-in download manager for media files, which some users might find convenient regardless of their location or language.


  • Localized Features
  • Chromium-Based
  • Additional Tools


  • Limited Global Support
  • Privacy Concerns
  • Resource Usage

Alternative App

  • Google Chrome: Widely popular and used.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Open-source with a focus on privacy.
  • Microsoft Edge: Integrated with Windows.
  • Safari: Apple’s native browser.

How to use Cốc Cốc


Download Cốc Cốc for Windows
Download Cốc Cốc for MAC
Download Cốc Cốc for Android
Download Cốc Cốc for iPhone

Cốc Cốc also supports other languages.

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