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Opera GX

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"Level up your gaming experience."

Opera GX is a unique gaming browser designed to enhance the gaming experience. With features like CPU, RAM, and Network limiters, it allows gamers to optimize their system resources. The browser offers customization options, integrated messengers, and a free VPN, making it a chosen choice for gamers.

Main Features

GX Corner

The GX Corner is a unique feature in Opera GX that offers access to free games, the best deals, and a game-release calendar. It’s a hub for gaming news, keeping gamers informed and engaged. The GX Corner is designed to save time and provide instant access to the latest gaming releases and offers.

Twitch Integration

Twitch Integration in Opera GX allows gamers to easily view their followed channels and receive notifications for live streams. This integration promotes a seamless experience for Twitch users, reducing the need to switch between tabs or apps. It’s a feature that enhances the gaming experience by bringing Twitch into the browser.

Discord Integration

With Discord Integration, Opera GX enables communication with teams, friends, and communities directly from the sidebar. This feature is built for gamers who use Discord as their primary communication tool. It’s an advanced feature that brings Discord into the browsing experience, making it easily accessible.

Built-in Messengers

Opera GX’s Built-in Messengers like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, VKontakte, and WhatsApp are integrated into the sidebar. This design allows users to chat and browse at the same time. It’s a feature that promotes multitasking and ensures that users can stay connected without leaving the browser.

Free VPN

The Free VPN in Opera GX provides control over privacy and security. It’s an integrated browser VPN that’s available for free, offering users the ability to browse anonymously. This feature enhances privacy and security, making Opera GX a chosen choice for those concerned about online safety.

Custom Themes

Opera GX offers Custom Themes that allow users to personalize their browser with unique themes to match their gaming setups. From GX Classic to Ultra Violet, the themes are designed to express individuality. It’s a feature that adds a personal touch to the browsing experience.

Resource Limiters

The Resource Limiters in Opera GX, including CPU, RAM, and Network limiters, enable users to optimize their gaming and browsing experiences. These limiters can be adjusted to control system resources, ensuring that games run smoothly. It’s a feature that reduces lag and enhances performance, making Opera GX a preferred browser for gamers.


Opera GX is a groundbreaking gaming browser that instantly promotes a gamer’s experience. With its visually appealing design and gamer-oriented features, it’s a fast and efficient choice. The integrated sidebar supports various apps and services, and the performance optimization tools are a standout. However, some may find the visual design too sharp, and privacy concerns have been raised. Overall, Opera GX is a solid choice for those who appreciate its aesthetics and features.

Who should use

Opera GX is highly recommended for gamers of all types and preferences. It’s also suitable for users who want a highly customizable and fast browser. The unique gamer-oriented features make it an excellent choice for those looking to control hardware resources and enjoy a personalized browsing experience.


  • Fast Browsing
  • Gamer-Oriented
  • Resource Control


  • Privacy Issues
  • No Linux Version
  • Specific Taste Design

Alternative App

  1. Google Chrome: Popular and customizable.
  2. Mozilla Firefox: Known for privacy features.
  3. Microsoft Edge: Integrated with Windows.
  4. Brave Browser: Focuses on security and ad-blocking.

How to use Opera GX


Download Opera GX for Windows
Download Opera GX for MAC
Download Opera GX for Android
Download Opera GX APK
Download Opera GX for iPhone

Opera GX also supports other languages.

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