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"Pale Moon: Where Customization Meets Speed"

Pale Moon is an open-source web browser that offers a unique blend of customization and efficiency. Forked from Mozilla Firefox, it has carved its own path with a focus on user experience, security, and speed. Optimized for modern processors, Pale Moon provides a browsing experience that is both familiar and innovative.

Main Features

1. Customizable Interface

Pale Moon offers a fully customizable interface, allowing you to tailor your browsing experience to your preferences.

2. Goanna Engine

Based on its own optimized layout and rendering engine, Goanna, Pale Moon delivers speedy and smooth page drawing and script processing.

3. Security

Regularly updated with the latest security patches, Pale Moon is a safe choice for those concerned about online security.

4. Community Support

Supported by a non-profit user community, Pale Moon thrives on collective intelligence and feedback.

5. Extension Support

Pale Moon supports a wide range of extensions, including many that are no longer supported by Firefox.

6. No Telemetry

Privacy-aware users will appreciate that Pale Moon has zero ads, no telemetry, spyware, or data gathering.

7. NPAPI Plugin Support

Unlike many modern browsers, Pale Moon continues to support NPAPI plugins like Silverlight, Adobe Flash, and Java.


Pale Moon is a web browser that has been around for quite some time, and it’s often touted as a lightweight and customizable alternative to mainstream browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. In this review, we’ll dive into the features, performance, and overall user experience of Pale Moon to help you decide if it’s the right browser for you.


One of the standout features of Pale Moon is its customizability. The browser allows users to tweak almost every aspect of its appearance and functionality. From themes to extensions, you have a lot of room to make Pale Moon your own. Additionally, it supports a wide range of legacy Firefox extensions, which is a big plus for those who miss the older Firefox add-ons.


When it comes to performance, Pale Moon is designed to be lightweight and fast. It uses its own layout engine, Goanna, which is a fork of Mozilla’s Gecko. This ensures that web pages load quickly and smoothly. However, it’s worth noting that some modern websites may not render perfectly due to the older layout engine. For basic browsing needs, though, Pale Moon performs admirably.


Security is a crucial aspect of any web browser, and Pale Moon doesn’t disappoint in this regard. It comes with built-in phishing protection and offers robust settings to control cookies and other web trackers. However, it may lack some of the more advanced security features found in mainstream browsers, such as sandboxing.

User Experience

The user interface of Pale Moon is quite intuitive and easy to navigate. It takes a more traditional approach to browser design, avoiding the minimalist trend that many other browsers have adopted. This makes it easier for users who are accustomed to older browser layouts to get started with Pale Moon.


While Pale Moon offers a lot of features and customization options, it does fall short in terms of compatibility with modern web technologies. Some websites and web apps may not function as intended, which can be a drawback for users who rely on these services for work or entertainment.

Who should use

Pale Moon is a solid choice for those who prioritize customization and a lightweight browser. It offers a range of features that will appeal to both casual and power users. However, its limitations in terms of compatibility with modern web technologies make it less suitable for those who need to access a wide range of online services. Overall, it’s a browser worth considering, especially if you’re looking for an alternative to the mainstream options.


  • Highly Customizable
  • Strong Security
  • Community Support


  • Learning Curve
  • Limited Mobile Support
  • No Multi-Process

Alternative App

  • Firefox: The parent from which Pale Moon was forked, offers a more mainstream experience.
  • Chrome: Known for speed and a vast extension library.
  • Opera: Offers a free VPN and ad-blocker.
  • Brave: Focuses on privacy and ad-blocking.

How to use Pale Moon


Download Pale Moon for Windows 64bit
Download Pale Moon for Windows 32bit
Download Pale Moon for MAC

Pale Moon also supports other languages.

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