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"Waterfox: The Browser that Flows with You.”

Waterfox Browser is an open-source web browser based on Firefox. Designed with privacy and user control in mind, it offers a secure browsing experience without collecting telemetry data. With versions like Waterfox Classic, it supports legacy add-on capabilities, making it a preferred choice for those valuing customization and privacy.

Main Features

Waterfox Classic

Waterfox Classic offers support for legacy add-ons, providing users with the ability to customize their browsing experience.

Privacy Protection

Waterfox Browser is built with advanced privacy protection, ensuring that user data remains confidential and secure.

Fast Browsing

Known for its fast browsing capabilities, Waterfox offers a smooth and efficient user experience.

Open Source

As an open-source browser, Waterfox provides transparency and allows users to contribute to its development.

Cross-Platform Support

Waterfox is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android, ensuring accessibility across various platforms.

Custom Search Engine “Storm”

Waterfox had its own search engine called “Storm,” developed to enhance the search experience.

Independent Project

As of July 2023, Waterfox has become an independent project again, focusing on user-centric development.


Waterfox Browser stands out as a privacy-focused alternative to mainstream browsers. Its open-source nature and support for legacy add-ons in Waterfox Classic make it appealing to those who value customization. The browser offers fast performance and cross-platform support. However, some unpatched security advisories in Waterfox Classic may raise concerns. Overall, Waterfox is a solid choice for privacy-conscious users.

Who should use

Waterfox Browser is recommended for users who prioritize privacy and control over their browsing experience. It’s suitable for those who prefer an open-source platform and value the ability to use legacy add-ons. Waterfox is a great choice for tech-savvy individuals and privacy enthusiasts.


  • Privacy-Focused
  • Fast Performance
  • Open Source


  • Security Concerns
  • Limited Add-ons
  • Niche Appeal

Alternative App

  1. Mozilla Firefox: Privacy-friendly and customizable.
  2. Google Chrome: Popular with extensive extension support.
  3. Brave Browser: Focuses on security and ad-blocking.
  4. Pale Moon: Another Firefox-based alternative.

How to use Waterfox


Download Waterfox for Windows
Download Waterfox for MAC

Waterfox also supports other languages.

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