How to try GPT-4 for free

How to try ChatGPT-4 for free

GPT-4 is an upgraded version of the GPT-3.5 model that can solve more difficult problems with higher accuracy and more natural language generation, providing more accurate answers and more natural text.

Currently, GPT-4 can be accessed by subscribing to ChatGPT Plus. However, before joining ChatGPT Plus, I wanted to check the performance of GPT-4.

This page will be helpful for those who want to try out the GPT-4 model for free before subscribing to ChatGPT Plus, to experience the performance of GPT-4 and feel the difference between GPT-4 and the GPT-3.5 version.

What is GPT-4?

GPT-4 is an upgraded version of GPT 3.5 with more parameters (1750B) and performance improvements. GPT-4 shows even more natural text generation and higher performance on various linguistic tasks compared to the previous model. It has a 40% higher chance of providing fact-based responses than the GPT-3.5 version.

How to try GPT-4 for free

We will be using the Forefront AI service to try out the GPT-4 model for free. This service not only allows us to try out the GPT-4 model in advance, but also provides convenient expansion services such as image generation using image AI, personalized persona assignment, and sharing of chat content.

All of the features of this service are provided for free, but there is a limit on the amount of conversation that can be used for free per hour.

How to use Forefront AI service

🌐 Forefront AI

You can access the Forefront service page through the link provided. To test the GPT-4 model, you will need to sign up on the page.

Sign up for Forefront

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Once you have accessed the page, click the “Sign up for free” button located below the introductory text.

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To sign up for this service, you can use your Google account or another email account. I used my Google account for easier login.

Setting up the basics

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The initial settings screen shows options for chat and folder settings. In Forefront, you can categorize chats on various topics into folders. For example, you can divide chats on health, finance, and learning into different folders. Check the folders that you will frequently use according to the direction of using ChatGPT, and then click the [Next] button to continue with the setup.

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Next is the Persona setup. The Persona setup is a feature that gives Personas to the ChatBot that will help us. It offers various Personas such as Elon Musk, Tony Stark, Darth Vader, Neymar, Picasso, Hermione, Leonardo da Vinci, etc. It is very fun because it provides different functions and personalities for each.

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Forefront’s user interface is almost identical to the regular ChatGPT. Now you can use Forefront by entering questions in the chat input field.

The various features of Forefront

Forefront includes some features, such as changing the GPT language model or creating images.

Change Model or Persona

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Clicking the [+] button on the bottom right of the chat window allows you to change Forefront’s language model or persona.

Generate Image

Add [#image] in the Forefront prompt input box and describe the image in detail using words.

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Click the [Download] button displayed in the ChatGPT response window to download the image, or click the [Share] button to share it immediately on social media.

I requested an Earthling who settled on Mars in 2050 to draw a picture for me, and the result was really interesting. It seems that the Earthlings living on Mars in 2050 are living in caves.

Download tables in CSV file format

You can download the table created by GPT in Forefront as a CSV file. Forefront can be useful for those who use GPT for data collection.

How to try GPT-4 for free_08

To download the table in CSV format, simply click the [Download as CSV] button displayed above the table.


With the Forefront service introduced here, you can try out the GPT-4 language model before joining ChatGPT Plus. From my own experience, it doesn’t seem to be worth paying $20 a month to use the GPT-4 language model. Therefore, for those who need the GPT-4 language model, I think Forefront service can be a good substitute.

Using more specific prompts rather than relying solely on the GPT-4 model is also a good approach. For tips on writing prompts, please refer to the page below.

Well then, let me find a more efficient and clever way to use ChatGPT and I will see you through the next post.

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