How to use Prompt Genie : Automatic translation

How to use Prompt Genie : Automatic translation

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot developed by OpenAI that uses the GPT-3 architecture trained on large amounts of text data to converse in various languages. It can answer questions and engage in conversations on a wide range of topics, with exceptional natural language processing skills that make it feel like you’re talking to a human.

But default language of ChatGPT is English. You can chat with ChatGPT most accurately and quickly by asking questions or requesting specific answers in English.

The browser extensions introduced on this page help you ask questions to ChatGPT in any language, which will then be translated into English. ChatGPT’s responses in English will also be translated back into the original language you typed in. This can be a very productive plugin for users who are not proficient in English.

What kind of extension is Prompt Genie?

Prompt Genie is one of the Chrome browser extensions related to ChatGPT. This plugin helps translate any language entered into ChatGPT into English so that you can ask questions in English more accurately and quickly. Since ChatGPT is trained in English, asking questions in English allows for more efficient and effective conversations. Prompt Genie is a useful tool that helps you use ChatGPT more efficiently.

Install Prompt Genie

How to use Prompt Genie the automatic translation feature in ChatGPT - Install Prompt Genie

You can install it on a Chrome-based web browser by clicking [Add to Chrome], just like any other Chrome extension.

Visit the Chrome Webstore page below to install Prompt Genie.

🌐 Prompt Genie for Chrome

How to use Prompt Genie

If you have installed Prompt Genie, go to ChatGPT chat window. It is applied automatically as shown in the image below.

How to use Prompt Genie_01

Automatic Translation Settings in Prompt Genie

How to use Prompt Genie_02

You can change the settings of the extension by clicking on the Prompt Genie icon displayed in the image.

Changing a user’s language

How to use Prompt Genie_03

To automatically translate the user’s language to English, click the [Select a translation language] button and choose the user’s language.

Is it working normally?

How to use Prompt Genie_04
How to use Prompt Genie_05

As shown in the image above, the user’s question entered in Japanese is automatically translated into English, and ChatGPT’s English answer is also translated into Japanese.

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