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Lately, I’ve been interested in AI services that generate images, so I’ve been gathering a lot of information on this topic. While DALL-E-2 and Bing Image Creator, which I previously mentioned in my post, were satisfactory, I wanted to experience various AI services for generating images.

The service I’m going to introduce on this page is It offers more diverse features and provides various detailed options to create the desired images, making it stand out compared to DALL-E-2 and Bing Image Creator. After reading this post, I’m sure will be added to your bookmarks.

What is


Playground AI is a web app where users can create AI-generated images and share them with the community. It offers free Dall-E2 image generation, automated art style prompts, image upscaling, cloud-based image storage, and social media features for sharing AI-generated images.

As a leading space for generating images from text, Playground AI allows users to create up to 1000 images per day for free, providing advantageous features compared to competing companies like MidJourney and Stable Diffusion. As a social media platform, users can follow other artists, enjoy and remix images created by other users, and share their own artwork.

How to use

First, click on to access the official website and proceed with a free registration to use the service.


Once you’re on the service page, click on the [Create] button located at the top right.


The layout of the detailed configuration window for image generation in Playground is shown above. When I first saw it, I was amazed by the variety of options available compared to DALL-E and Bing Image Creator. Each panel offers different options for customization, as listed below.

① Model


In the Model panel, you can choose the AI model used for image generation. The default setting is [Stable Diffusion 1.5]. Please note that the DALL-E 2 model requires an additional add-on purchase.

Based on my personal experience, I found that the images generated using the default setting, [Stable Diffusion 1.5], were the most satisfying. So, you can feel free to use this as the default option.

② Image Dimensions

Image Dimensions

In the Image Dimensions panel, you can specify the size of the images. Unlike DALL-E and Bing Image Creator, which only allowed square images to be generated, I found it convenient to be able to set the image size. It greatly helps in producing the desired images.

③ Prompt Guidance & Quality & Details

Prompt Guidance & Quality & Details

The Prompt Guidance specifies the number of keywords and tags to include when writing prompts. A higher number ensures more fidelity to the text in the image. However, based on observations of prompts created by other users, it seems that setting it to 7 or higher is generally not necessary.

The Quality & Detail setting allows you to adjust the quality and level of detail in the generated images. The maximum value is 30, but recommends using values between 7 and 10.

④ Filter & Prompt

Filter & Prompt

In the Filter section, you can set the overall atmosphere or mood of the images you want to generate. This aspect of creating prompts, which determines the overall mood, can be challenging. However, makes it easier for beginners to generate high-quality images by providing example photos for reference and setting filters accordingly.

In the Prompt panel, you can write prompts for the desired images. You can include keywords or tags that describe the image or even write in a conversational style, similar to how you would generate images using DALL-E.

⑤ Exclude, Image to Image, Generate

Exclude, Image to Image, Generate

The “Exclude From Image” feature allows you to specify elements that you do not want to include in the generated images. For example, you can input keywords to exclude things like the color red, very flashy backgrounds, or cars.

The “Image to Image” function is a fascinating feature. If you have a desired art style, character pose, or specific color scheme in mind, you can insert those images. The AI will use them as references to generate new images with a similar mood, pose, or color scheme.

Now that you have completed all the preparations, you can click the [Generate] button to create the images.

⑥ Manage created images

Manage created images offers various options to manage the generated images. You can access functions such as Edit, Copy Link, Make Private, Download, Use in Image to Image, Create Variants, Upscale, and Remove Background. These features allow you to modify the images, share them, control their privacy, download them, use them as references for generating new images, create variations, upscale the images, and remove the background.

Images created with

Images created with

When comparing DALL-E, Bing Image Creator, and, I found that I liked the images generated by the most. It provides various features for image creation, allowing even beginners to easily generate high-quality images.

However, do you see the woman’s picture in the upper right corner? Look at her legs. If you don’t write the prompt clearly, the AI can make mistakes. I haven’t seen DALL-E model make such mistakes at least. But with, these errors can occur occasionally.

Playground’s Plan

Playground - Plan

When using Playground for free, you can generate up to 1,000 images per day. Additionally, to use features like Tails or the DALL-E model, a Pro plan is required. However, for most users, the Free plan should be sufficient.

From my experience using DALL-E, Bing Image Creator, and, I feel that AI technology is truly remarkable. I plan to write a post comparing and exploring more image generation AIs in the future.

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